High Security

Interested in turning your home or business into a fortress? That just happens to be our specialty.

Downs Safe & Lock specializes in physical high security solutions to provide your home or business with the ultimate level of protection. Our offerings range from physical security components to complete turn-key high security packages. Some examples include:

The industry leading Mul-T-Lock MT5+ High Security Hercular Deadbolt, available in single cylinder, double cylinder and captive key configuration, various finishes and two sleek styles. This deadbolt features a UL437 listing against professional by pass techniques such as drilling, picking, manipulation, and bumping. Along with a unique UL listed latch bolt which incorporates two hardened ball bearings that expand and interlock into the strike box to further protect against jimmying and prying attempts. The bolt itself is further protected by a unique anti-drilling ring. The lock is typically issued with (2) patented MT5+ high security keys and a unique registration card with a magnetic strip to protect against unauthorized key duplication. These keys can only be duplicated by an authorized key holder at a Mul-T-Lock MT5+ dealer, utilizing a Mul-T-Lock exclusive high security key machine, which requires the unique magnetic strip from the provided card in order to generate a new key.


In addition to a high security lock we recommend installing the StrikeMaster II Pro door jamb reinforcement plate. This product prevents the most common break in of all. The infamous door kick in or forced entry. The StrikeMaster II PRO is 5ft steel door jamb reinforcement with 2 interlocking plates. The unit is manufactured in the USA and carries a U.S. Patent. The reinforcement plate, white in color, and paintable if so desired, anchors to the locking side of your existing door frame. The fasteners are 2.5” wood screws that securely fasten into the wood stud located behind the door frame trim. The unit can be anchored to virtually any 1 ¾” standard door frame and has pre machined cut outs to accommodate standard residential lock preparations. The unit has 23 years of proven field testing without a single reported failure.


Security Screens by Crimsafe. Crimsafe is a stainless steel (powder-coated black) security screen incorporated into structural grade aluminum framing in the form of a security door or window that increases your security without detracting from your home or business’s appearance. The stainless steel screen utilizes a unique and internationally patented clamping system making the screen nearly impossible to be kicked in or out of the framing. To learn more click here.